About Us

The BioExM Network for Exploration of Natural & Synthetic Biology integrates the University of Manitoba campus’ highly interdisciplinary research of synthetic biology under one umbrella.  This new network of researchers, students, and industry partners will put Manitoba at the forefront of research in structural, synthetic, and digital biology.  The educational arm of the network also includes iGEM.

Mission: The BioExM Network for Exploration of Natural & Synthetic Biology was established by the Faculty of Science at the University of Manitoba to integrate and strengthen U of M research, with the goal of focusing on synthetic biology as the most advanced pursuit of multidisciplinary research in the biological sciences. It provides advanced resources and expertise in structural, digital, and synthetic biology to its members and external users.

The network utilizes two facilities, the Manitoba Institute of Materials that houses a Cryo-Electron Microscope, and a crystallography facility in the Faculty of Science. BioExM’s strong connections to the Manitoba Centre for Proteomics and Systems Biology (MCPSB) are intended to facilitate interactions and services for all types of OMICS research.

Contact BioExM:
Network Coordinator: Ned Budisa, Ph.D. nediljko.budisa@umanitoba.ca