Research Groups

A key goal of the Department of Biological Sciences is to promote world-class research in areas that are central to biology now and into the future.

Research Collection

The Department of Biological Sciences houses a diverse research collection of specimens from Manitoba and around the world

Seminar Series

We host three annual seminars in memory of individuals who’s contributions have enriched the academic breadth and depth of the department.


Find out what are researchers have discover

Gary Anderson

There are two primary components to the research we do in my lab at the University…

Margaret Docker

Biodiversity, Ecology and Environment, evolutionary biology, molecular systematics and phylogeography, population genetics, conservation genetics of…

Mark Belmonte

The Belmonte Laboratory is interested in the cellular and molecular functions of plant development and…

Kevin Campbell

My research utilizes molecular biology techniques in conjunction with physiological and metabolic studies to study…

Bruce Ford

Research Involves: Biodiversity, Ecology and Environment, vascular plant systematics, particularly of the large and complex…