Biology Undergraduate Students’ Association – BUGS

We aim to provide a sense of community to biology undergraduate students to enrich the student experience academically and socially. We provide our members with free food, an exam bank, social events and many other services.

Email:        BUGS@umanitoba.ca

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/bugsuofm

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bugs.uofm/

2020-2021 Execs: 

President: @Jess MacPherson

Vice-President: @Jake Ledochowski

Director of Finance: @Kyle Czerwinski

Director of Student Services: @Pascale Bouchard   (manages the lounge/exam bank)

Director of Social Engagement: @Claire Risbey   (manages the social media accounts)

Director of Communications: @Nicole Taylor     (as well as myself) monitor the BUGS@umanitoba.ca email.

Special Events Coordinators: @Jessica McBride +@Muhammad Hayat

Outreach Coordinator: @Ryan Wahl

Executive Assistant: @Ravneet Brar