Programs Overview

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Biological Sciences offers studies in a wide variety of areas leading to one of three possible degrees:

  • 4-year Majors
  • 4-year honours
  • 5-year Co-op

In addition to the common core requirements in the Biological Sciences Program, we offer specialization as well as flexibility in Biology, Botany, Ecology, Genetics and Zoology. Students in these programs can follow one or more of several themes (credited on their transcripts):

Additionally, the department of Biological Sciences also offers a Majors and Honours program in Genetics (both with Co-op option).

Details for the undergraduate programs listed here can be found under Biological Sciences in the current University Calendar, especially the Program and Theme Charts listed on the left margin. Before completing your registration, please consult the Calendar, which is the final authority for all registration issues.

For Majors or Honours approval in any theme area you may contact the Associate Head (undergraduate programs: (Dr. Kevin Scott) or any one of the theme chairs; Ecology and Environmental Biology (Dr. Gail Davoren); Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology (Dr. Jake Stout); Evolution and Biodiversity (Dr. Anne Worley); Environmental and Integrative Physiology ( Dr. Kevin Campbell) and Integrative Biology (Dr. Joy Stacey);  Genetics (Dr. Jeff Marcus)