Winter 2022

BIOL 1000 Biology:  Foundations of Life
BIOL 1010 Biology:  Biological Diversity and Interaction
BIOL 1030 Biology 2:  Biological Diversity, Function and Interactions
BIOL 1340 The State of the Earth’s Environment:  Contemporary Issues
BIOL 1412 Physiology of the Human Body
BIOL 2210 The Chordates
BIOL 2240 Non-Flowering Plants
BIOL 2262 Biology of Algae
BIOL 2300 Principles of Ecology
BIOL 2380 Introductory Toxicology
BIOL 2420 Human Physiology 2
BIOL 2500 Genetics 1
BIOL 2520 Cell Biology
BIOL 2600 Introduction to Computational Biology
BIOL3200  Advanced Invertebrate Biology
BIOL 3280 Forest Botany
BIOL 3300 Evolutionary Biology
BIOL 3318 Boreal Ecology
BIOL 3340 Biology of Primitive Fungi and Allies
BIOL 3452 Environmental Plant Physiology
BIOL 3472 Environmental Physiology of Animals 2
BIOL 3500 Genetics 2
BIOL 3550 Plant Anatomy
BIOL 3600 Biological Diversity and Sustainability
BIOL 4100 Honours Thesis (Part B)
BIOL4212  Systematics and Biogeography of Fishes
BIOL4310  Applications of Population Ecology in Fisheries and Wildlife
BIOL 4400 Revegetation of Disturbed Lands
BIOL 4470 Sensory Motor Physiology
BIOL 7220 Critical Thinking in Biological Sciences