Canada Research Chairs & Endowed Sponsored Chairs

The University of Manitoba is home to research chairs created through contributions from individuals, government agencies, foundations and/or corporations, which provide targeted support in defined research fields.

Canada Research Chairs

(Tier 1) Canada Research Chair in Synthetic Biology/Professor

Dr. Ned Budisa

Parker 598 204-474-9178
Professor, Indigenous Initiative Committee Chair

Samar Safi-Harb

311 Allen 204-474-7104
(Tier 2) Canada Research Chair in Ubiquitous Analytics/Professor

Pourang Irani

249 Machray Hall 204-474-8231
(Tier 2) Canada Research Chair in Complex Data/Assistant Professor

Lorenzo Livi

E2-474 EITC 204-474-9935
(Tier 1) Canada Research Chair in Protein Chemistry/Associate Dean (Administration)

Peter Loewen

248 Machray Hall
(Tier 1) Canada Research Chair in Structural Biology and Biophysics/Professor

Dr. Jörg Stetefeld

Parker 480 204-474-9731
Associate Professor

Jason Treberg

W483 Duff Roblin 204-474-8122

Sponsored/Endowed Chairs

Assoc. Head Research & Infrastructure/Professor

Gary Anderson

W475 Duff Roblin (204) 474-7496