International collaboration developing nanotechnology

that may be used against COVID-19

synthesizing novel anti-cancer agents

Dr. Frank Schweizer and a team of University of Manitoba researchers, have identified a unique way to potentially treat and cure cancer using carbohydrate-based antitumour agents

rapid disease detection by electrochemistry

Dr. Sabine Kuss develops highly sensitive electrochemical methods and instrumentation to detect and understand medical phenomena, such as cancer and antibiotic resistance

State of the art instrumentation

The department has access to a variety of state of the art instrumentation facilities and highly skilled staff available for service to researchers, students and the industrial community

Preserving our Treasures

Dr. Jörg Stetefeld and his research team are collaborating with the Inuit community to track biodiversity in Canada's North

Studying the structure-function relationship of proteins

Dr. Jörg Stetefeld examines the structure-function relationship of proteins as dynamic systems: how are they involved in signalling complexes related to human disease and how can they be used for biomedical or industrial remediation applications

Research and Teaching Excellence

The department of chemistry has a long history of success including a recent nobel laureate and two banting fellows

Safeguarding our water

Co-founded by Drs. Gregg Tomy and Jörg Stetefeld the centre for oil and gas research and development (COGRAD) studies more efficient ways to assess the effects of petrochemicals on our water supply

Investigating reactive molecules through spectroscopy

Dr. Jennifer van wijngaarden explores microwave and infrared spectroscopy and the fundamental properties of molecules: to generate new species of molecules that aren't stable under normal atmospheric conditions, the types of molecules found around stars and far-out planets and moons

News & Events


Chem Club Hosts Chemistry Research Night!

Chem Club is hosting Chemistry Research Night on October 21, 7 pm through Zoom.  Visit the session to learn about the chemistry and biochemistry research that happens in our Department as well as the summer research awards and other research opportunities! Sign up here:


Just Us For Our First Department Seminar This Year!

Join us for our first Department Seminar held virtually through Zoom on Thursday October 21 from 3-4 pm. Title: “Hocus Pocus” is not Indigenous Science!: Learning about how an Ecosystem is embedded in Anishinaabe Mowin Speaker: Dr. Myrle Ballard, University of Manitoba This talk will explain how Anishinaabe mowin is embedded science, that is Indigenous...


Prairie Hub to Power the Bioeconomy with Next-Generation Bio-inspired Technologies

RNA-based systems, molecular machines, and bio-inspired devices are the future of the bioeconomy. Advancing these technologies from discovery to market can be elusive. Accelerating scientific discoveries in natural and synthetic biology into deployable products and knowledge requires a collaborative and integrative ecosystem. The success of RNA vaccines demonstrates that we’re in the golden age of...



UNDERGRADUATE MICROBIOLOGY STUDENT’S CLUB (MISC) Instagram: @misc.uofm Email address: Website: Membership form: An undergraduate club started in 2018, MiSC is a community of students in undergraduate programs of Microbiology and related fields such as Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology. Our goal is to build a stronger community of students within these programs. We will...


Advocating for Science Funding

Graduate student Simarpreet Singh advocates for science funding during this federal election:  


Welcome New Instructor Jorge Dourado!

The Department is excited to welcome new instructor – Jorge Dourado!  He will be teaching a variety of courses in the 1000 and 2000-level.  Welcome Jorge!


Welcome new assistant professor Dr.Zev Ripstein!

Our Department extends a warm welcome to assistant professor Dr. Zev Ripstein! Dr. Ripstein is jointly appointed in the Departments of Chemistry and Microbiology. To learn more about Dr.Ripstein and his research, please visit his website:


Welcome Back Coffee

As we ramp back up to full return to campus in January, the Dean, Brian Mark, would like to invite you to have a cup of coffee in the SSA lounge, and weather permitting the Court Yard, to start re-engaging with your colleagues. Please RSVP to Tracy Foster, on the dates noted to ensure we are keeping capacity (20 people) with Health orders. The...


PV Magazine: Material concerns

The University of Manitoba led a group that used battery cyclers to test different material configurations for lithium-ion batteries. They specifically investigated new binding materials to hold the electrodes together through extended cycling. Image: Canadian Light Source As PV MAGAZINE: ISSUE 08-2021 reports: Shouldn’t we all be driving in affordable electric cars with 800-plus kilometers...


PV Magazine: Material concerns

As PV MAGAZINE: ISSUE 08-2021 reports: Shouldn’t we all be driving in affordable electric cars with 800-plus kilometers of driving range by now? Surely yes, according to many of the announcements coming from battery scientists over the past decade. Yet for all the scientific breakthroughs, few in fact “break through” into commercial applications. Christian Kuss...