International collaboration developing nanotechnology

that may be used against COVID-19

synthesizing novel anti-cancer agents

Dr. Frank Schweizer and a team of University of Manitoba researchers, have identified a unique way to potentially treat and cure cancer using carbohydrate-based antitumour agents

rapid disease detection by electrochemistry

Dr. Sabine Kuss develops highly sensitive electrochemical methods and instrumentation to detect and understand medical phenomena, such as cancer and antibiotic resistance

State of the art instrumentation

The department has access to a variety of state of the art instrumentation facilities and highly skilled staff available for service to researchers, students and the industrial community

Preserving our Treasures

Dr. Jörg Stetefeld and his research team are collaborating with the Inuit community to track biodiversity in Canada's North

Studying the structure-function relationship of proteins

Dr. Jörg Stetefeld examines the structure-function relationship of proteins as dynamic systems: how are they involved in signalling complexes related to human disease and how can they be used for biomedical or industrial remediation applications

Research and Teaching Excellence

The department of chemistry has a long history of success including a recent nobel laureate and two banting fellows

Safeguarding our water

Co-founded by Drs. Gregg Tomy and Jörg Stetefeld the centre for oil and gas research and development (COGRAD) studies more efficient ways to assess the effects of petrochemicals on our water supply

Investigating reactive molecules through spectroscopy

Dr. Jennifer van wijngaarden explores microwave and infrared spectroscopy and the fundamental properties of molecules: to generate new species of molecules that aren't stable under normal atmospheric conditions, the types of molecules found around stars and far-out planets and moons

News & Events


Department Seminar: Thursday 21 April, 2022

Our final speaker of the year is Prof. Jean-Denys Hamel, a CRC Tier II chair at the University of Lethbridge. Prof. Hamel received his Ph.D. in 2018 from Université Laval under the supervision of Prof. Jean-François Paquin and went on to a postdoctoral fellowship at UC Berkeley before joining the faculty at Lethbridge. He earned...


CHEM4710 Oral Presentation Day!

We invite you to our CHEM 4710 “Research Project in Chemistry or Biochemistry” oral presentation day. The event will be held on Saturday, April 9 from 9:30 am – 2:30 pm in 205 Armes Bldg. A booklet with the program and presentations’ abstracts is available here.  


Department Seminar: Thursday April 7, 2022

Our next speaker, Prof. Cory Widdifield, from University of Regina will present a talk titled “NMR Crystallography: Structure Refinements, Verifications, and Determinations”. Dr. Widdifield is combining NMR with computational analyses to achieve structural refinements that are comparable to methods such as X-ray crystallography, hence the description “NMR Crystallography”. The seminar will be held on Zoom...


Department Seminar: Thursday March 31, 2022

Our speaker this week is Prof. Rohith Reddy, from the University of Texas at Houston. While his appointment is in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, you will see from the abstract that his research focus is in the application of biodiagnostic spectroscopy (usually infrared imaging) to understand disease. The two specific areas he...


Department Seminar: Wednesday March 23, 2022

We invite you to our Department’s 2022 seminar. Professor Maryam Ebrahimi from Lakehead University will be presenting a talk titled “Rational design and characterization of molecular-based low-dimensional nanomaterials on surfaces”. Please note: Owing to a schedule conflict, she is unable to present during our usual seminar slot on Thursday. She has kindly agreed to give...


Department Seminar: Thursday March 17, 2022

Our seminar speaker for next Thursday, March 17, is Prof. James Gauld from University of Windsor. Prof. Gauld studies catalysis, and is presently working in the field of computational enzymology. In addition to this challenging research, he is actively involved in finding ways to make STEM more inclusive for the LGBTQ+ community. Prof. Gauld will...



Professor Amy Stevens from University of Saskatchewan will be presenting a talk titled “The ultrafast dynamics of azulene derivatives”. The seminar will be held on Thursday, March 3 from 3:00-4:00 p.m. via Zoom link:


Department Seminar: Thursday February 17, 2022

We invite you to our Department’s 2022 seminar.  Professor Eden E. L. Tanner from University of Mississippi will give a talk titled “Ionic Liquids as Antifouling Polymeric Nanoparticle Coatings”. The seminar will be held on Zoom on Thursday February 17 from 3-4pm. You can join the meeting using the following link:  


Department Seminar: Thursday February 3, 2022

Mark your calendars for our Department’s second 2022 seminar speaker who will be presenting to us from the other side of the world: Professor Bayden R Wood from Monash University and a talk titled “Spectroscopy goes viral: Application of portable based infrared spectroscopic devices for point-of-site disease diagnosis”. The seminar will be held on Zoom...


Department Seminar: Thursday January 27

Dr. Erin Chernick from the University of Victoria will be presenting a talk titled, “Tailored Synthesis of Organic Molecules to Study Quantum Information Science”