Chemistry Department MALDI Mass Spectrometry Facility

The Chemistry Department MALDI Mass Spectrometry Facility located in room 532 in the Parker Building provides HPLC or mass spectrometry services to academic research and local industry.

The laboratory is equipped with an HPLC (with various normal and reverse phase columns) and a PDA and FLD detector for chromatographic services and a Bruker UltraflExtreme Maldi-Tof MS-MS for mass spec services.


Those interested in utilizing the services of the facility should contact the facility technician Ms. Emy Komatsu.  The facility is under the direction of Dr. Hélène Perreault.

Sample submitted to the facility must have a completed accompanying sample form.  Please download PDF form here.

Contact Us

Facility Technician: Ms. Emy Komatsu
Phone: 204-474-6561

Facility Director: Dr. Hélène Perreault
Phone: 204-474-7418