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Scientific Glassblowing Services

The University of Manitoba Glass Shop provides the expertise, knowledge and ability to design and manufacture quality custom glassware for scientific research. Providing service and glassware supplies to members of the University of Manitoba community and beyond (such as academic institutions and research companies in Canada and the United States).  The Glass Shop can help produce custom one-of-a-kind prototype, to complex electrochemical cells, Dewar vessels and Schlenk lines, or even something more basic as bump traps and condensers. Modifications to pre-existing glassware and repairs along with any standard catalog glass apparatus can happily be manufactured for customers saving them both time and money.


Located in the Chemistry Department, the Glass Shop is equipped with a large lathe, cut off saw with diamond blade, a lapping machine, Pyrex annealing furnace and numerous torches.


web – IMG_0091(edit)jpgweb – IMG_0125.jpg [Caption: Algae Reactor]

web – Polarization Cells#5 [Caption: Polarization cells]

web – Klein Bottles #6.jpg [Caption: Klein bottles]


thumbnail_Michael Freund H Cells April 2016 [ Caption: H cells are a specialized piece of glassware used in electrochemistry experiments]

web – Small Cell#6(edit) [Caption: Specialized reaction cell]

web – White Cell#1(edit)[Caption: This is a white cell (multipass cell) setup at the Canadian Light Source synchrotron in Saskatoon where light is allowed to interact with gas molecules created in a high voltage (2-3 kV) dc discharge.


web – Dble Manifold#6(edit).jpg [caption: Double manifold used in synthetic chemistry work]



Glassware Repair Services

Never underestimate what can be repaired. Glassware repair service will save money and reduce down time. Contact the Glass Shop with any repair questions or concerns before assuming the broken glassware is destined for the trash.

web – IMG_0088(edit).jpg


About the Glassblower

Glassblowing Jan. 2012#12.JPG

The University of Manitoba Glass Shop is run by Lesa Cafferty, a scientific glassblower with over 25 years experience in the field. Growing up in a household where glass blowing was a way of life, as her father James Cafferty was a Scientific Glassblower working at Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. He was also an artist in glass who made and sold numerous types of glass figurines.  Each day, he would go into the shop at home, sit at the bench with a burner and do a little bit of glassblowing during Lesa’s childhood.  Lesa’s early exposure to the art and developing the glass handling technique from a very young age.  She took on an apprenticeship under her father at Atomic Energy of Canada in April 1992-1996 and later became his successor when he retired.  In August 2006, Lesa relocated to the University of Manitoba where she continues to expand her knowledge as a scientific glassblower, providing clients with knowledge and expertise, and quality glassware for their specific work needs.



With a large inventory of different sizes of Pyrex tubing, along with ground glass joints and all varieties of stopcocks from Teflon to hi-vacuum, graded seals, Kovar seals and quartz glass, the product is available for many types of glassware required.  Any special items required will be ordered to accommodate the client’s requests.





Lesa Cafferty

Department of Chemistry

396 Parker Building

University of Manitoba

Winnipeg, MB


Tel: 204-474-9469

Fax: 204-474-7608



Shop Hours

Monday – Friday 8:30am – 3:00pm


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