Service Fees

Fees for use of the equipment are charged on a hourly basis or a sample basis depending on the nature of the project at industrial and academic rates. Fees are charged to keep the laboratory state-of-art with modern equipment and supplies.

Pricing for industrial analysis (effective 2016):

GC-MS:            $40 / hr or $50 / sample
LC-MS:            $45 / hr or $60 / sample
GC:                   $20 / hr or $30 / sample
HPLC:              $25 / hr or $35 / sample
ICP-OES          $200 / hour or $45 / sample

At an analysis cost of $200 per hour and a high throughput the analysis cost per research sample (e.g. water analysis) can be less than $10 per sample.

(The laboratory is not accredited since it is mainly a research laboratory, but standards can be run with the samples to be confident of correct results).