Just Us For Our First Department Seminar This Year!

Join us for our first Department Seminar held virtually through Zoom on Thursday October 21 from 3-4 pm.
Title: “Hocus Pocus” is not Indigenous Science!: Learning about how an Ecosystem is embedded in Anishinaabe Mowin
Speaker: Dr. Myrle Ballard, University of Manitoba
This talk will explain how Anishinaabe mowin is embedded science, that is Indigenous science which is a monitoring tool for aquatics management / ecosystem management. Anishinaabe mowin has words embedded in them that are monitoring tools which are based on natural law: that is the law of nature on how nature is in its natural state. Too often the disciplines of Western Science do not “think outside the box” and use “silo” approaches and “exclusive” rather than being “inclusive”. Anishinaabe mowin brings a diverse perspective because it does not include one discipline, but rather it is holistic.
Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/92334375985
Oct 15, 2021