Meet 3MT competitor Dmitry Vrubleskiy, (Chemistry)

Dmitry Vrubleskiy, PhD, Department of Chemistry, Mario Bieringer Lab.

Dmitry Vrubleskiy, is a PhD student in the Department of Chemistry. Currently under the supervision of Dr. Mario Bieringer, he obtained his BSc from Ural Federal University in Yekaterinburg, Russia. His research project for the Three Minute Thesis 3MT competition dealt with solid-state synthesis of ceramic oxides with controllable concentration of oxygen, with potential application in solid oxide fuel cells.

Solid oxide fuel cells are electro chemical conversion devices that produce electricity directly from oxidizing a fuel. Vrubleskiy is trying to rationalize what makes atoms form particular solid-state structures and hoping to trick them into forming the structures they normally would not.

Why did you choose to compete in the 3MT Competition?

An email reminder from the Dean of Graduate Studies about the 3MT competition motivated me to participate, despite my fear of public speaking. I thought it would be a good challenge to face my fear and learn to communicate my research to a general audience.

What is the value of the 3MT Competition?  

The competition experience itself felt “much faster on the spot” than when I’d rehearsed it beforehand. It taught me that specific details of my research might need to be omitted from my presentation in order to make the topic understandable to a broader group.

What advice do you have for others?

Students should focus on developing their reasoning powers, as opposed to simply memorizing data. It’s important for students to do their best, knowing that there will be factors they can’t control. I find myself oftentimes failing spectacularly, it is quite a humbling but forging experience.

By Jo Davies


Watch the 3MT Competition Final – Live Online
June 3, 7:00 – 8:30 pm
This event will available via live-stream, the link will be available here the day of the event.

The winner of the 3MT competition, advances to compete at the Western Regional Three Minute Thesis competition, date TBD.