Summer Term Chemistry Courses

Last updated May 13, 2020 
[This page will be updated as new information becomes available.]

The regular summer term academic schedule has been impacted as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Department of Chemistry would like to share news on our summer term course offerings and expectations to help students plan their academic studies. We will be offering introductory chemistry, organic chemistry and biochemistry courses this summer which will be delivered via online methods over a five-week duration. The laboratory component to each course will consist of an online component to be completed within the duration of the course.

Additionally, if resources are available and physical distancing measures relaxed, the Department would like to offer an opportunity for the students who complete the courses this summer to put the lab skills and techniques they learned online into practice. The opportunities are expected to better prepare students for more advanced chemistry courses with laboratory components and so that they are not disadvantaged to students who have laboratory experience.

Tentatively, the Department will be offering a 1 to 2.5-day Core Competencies Laboratory at the beginning of January. The course instructors or Department will be in contact with students to confirm the dates, times and location but the tentative dates are listed below. To maximize opportunities for students, the Core Competencies Laboratories have been scheduled such that students who take two consecutive courses in the same subject will not have schedule overlap (e.g., CHEM 2210 and CHEM 2220).  To be clear, course credit is not contingent on completion of the Core Competencies Laboratory.

Lab Exemptions:Students who are eligible for a lab exemption may use it should they decide to retake the Summer 2020 courses listed below. Following Summer 2020, the Department’s lab exemption policy will be discontinued, therefore students will not be able to apply for a lab exemption starting Fall 2020.

For more information or inquiries, please visit the Registrar’s Office or contact the Department of Chemistry Office.

Course Schedule Final Exam Period
CHEM 1300: Structure and Modelling in Chemistry June 1 – July 3 July 6-10
CHEM 1310: Introduction to Physical Chemistry July 13-August 14 August 17-21
CHEM 2210: Introductory Organic Chemistry I June 1 – July 3 July 6-10
CHEM 2220: Introductory Organic Chemistry II July 13-August 14 August 17-21
CHEM 2360:Biochemistry 1 June 1 – July 3 July 6-10
CHEM 2370: Biochemistry 2 July 13-August 14 August 17-21




Apr 2, 2020