The Department of Chemistry welcomes two of its newest professors: Drs. Sabine Kuss and Christian Kuss.

Dr. Sabine Kuss’ research focuses on electrochemistry and its application to biological systems in the fields of endocrinological diseases, antibiotic drug resistance in pathogens, mitochondrial dysfunctions and cancer development. Disease detection, quantification of cell membrane receptor activity and position, monitoring the correlation of membrane pumps with feature activity, and electrochemical sensing are specific targets of interest in her group. To read more on her research, please visit her website (

Dr. Christian Kuss’ research area is electrochemically active materials for energy applications. He is currently studying microstructure-dependent properties of composite electrodes for Li-ion, Na-ion and all-solid-state batteries. For more information on his research program, please contact him (

Both of the researchers are recruiting students for their laboratories. Students should contact them if they’re interested in learning about the opportunities available in their groups.