Degree Requirements and Courses

The Department of Chemistry offers the Chemistry undergraduate program (Honours, Major, Minor) and jointly with Microbiology the Biochemistry undergraduate program (Honours, Major).

For students interested in gaining practical, on-the-job experience, both programs also offer the option to participate in the Faculty of Science Co-op Program. Program information

Chemistry Degree Options: Honours Major General/Minor Chemistry-Physics Joint Honours Program

Biochemistry Degree Options: Honours Major

Most Recent Course Syllabi:

Preparatory Chemistry

CSKL 0100: Chemistry Skills

1000 level

CHEM 1300: Structure and Modelling in Chemistry

CHEM 1310: Introduction to Physical Chemistry

CHEM 1320: Introduction to Organic Chemistry

2000 level

CHEM 2210: Introductory Organic Chemistry I: Structure and Reactivity

CHEM 2220: Introductory Organic Chemistry II: Reactivity and Synthesis (course instructor: Dr. Frank Schweizer)

CHEM 2260: Introduction to Spectroscopy

CHEM 2290: Chemical Energetics and Dynamics: Macroscopic Descriptions (course instructor: Dr. Kathleen Gough)

CHEM 2360: Biochemistry 1: Biomolecules and an introduction to Metabolic Energy

CHEM 2370: Biochemistry 2: Catabolism, Synthesis, and Information Pathways (course instructor: Dr. Mazdak Khajehpour)

CHEM 2400: Inorganic Chemistry: Structure and Applications

CHEM 2470: Introductory Analytical Chemistry (course instructor: Dr. Gregg Tomy)

CHEM 2770: Elements of Biochemistry 1 (course instructor: Dr. Joe O’Neil)

CHEM 2780: Elements of Biochemistry 2 

3000 level

CHEM 3260: Introduction to Computational Chemistry

CHEM 3360: Elementary Quantum Chemistry and Molecular Bonding

CHEM 3370: Symmetry, Spectroscopy and Structure (course instructor: Dr. Kathleen Gough)

CHEM 3390: Structural Transformation in Organic Chemistry

CHEM 3400: Inorganic Chemistry: Reactivity and Properties

CHEM 3490: Introduction to Polymers (course instructor: Dr. Carl Bartels)

CHEM 3570: Biophysical Chemistry (course instructor: Dr. Mazdak Khajehpour)

CHEM 3580: Modern Physical Organic Chemistry

CHEM 3590: Instrumental Analysis

4000 level

CHEM 4100: Materials Chemistry

CHEM 4360: Signalling and Regulation of Gene Expression (course instructor: Dr. Joerg Stetefeld)

CHEM 4580: Natural Products Chemistry and Biosynthesis

CHEM 4590: Techniques in Bioanalytical Chemistry (course instructor: Dr. Helene Perreault)

CHEM 4610: Advanced Chemical Techniques

CHEM 4620: Biochemistry of Nucleic Acids

CHEM 4630: Biochemistry of Proteins  (course instructor: Dr. Joe O’Neil)

CHEM 4670: Drug Design and Drug Discovery (course instructor: Dr. Frank Schweizer)

CHEM 4680: Organometallic Chemistry

CHEM 4710: Research Project in Chemistry or Biochemistry

CHEM 4804: Topics in Biochemistry: Synthetic Biology