Cindy Vuong

Your background?

In high school, I was really tossed between Pharmacy and Microbiology, but after my
first genetics course, I had a shift in my passion. All three would allow me to be able to help people, and I believe through research, I may be fortunate enough to find a cure for something where it may potentially help tens, hundreds, or thousands of people.

Why FoS at U of M?

I have chosen the Faculty of Science at the University of Manitoba since I love
science. Science have always held my interest throughout my childhood, and I appreciate how science can answer the “why” statements that I have. I found it very fascinating on how the medical field had advanced so much due to the research that had been done behind the scenes. I have always wanted to contribute to the medical field via research, and help as many people as possible through my passion.


There are so many ailments that are caused by gene mutations, and therefore,
studying how genes work can help us come up with more advanced and more
efficient treatments.

I have found it fascinating on how one little shift in a gene can cause drastic changes
in the organism’s phenotype or function

Gene therapy is being used more and more often, and many treatments are relying on
targeting specific genes to manipulate the body to become its own treatment.

What was your minor?

My minor is Asian Studies, which I chose as my minor due to my background as a
Canadian-Chinese. I have always been fascinated in my culture and learning more about them has always been my interest.

What stands out about your experience here?

I have been able to hear the marvelous stories of how far the medical field has
progressed from scientists and researchers, where new findings are discovered each
day and how many people that the treatments were able to help.

All of the wonderful professors that I have had and are willing to share many of their personal stories of how they got to where they are today to help inspire us to achieve our goals.

Advice to future students?

There will be times when there are certain courses that makes you feel unsure and
you may think that you won’t make it. But if you stay true to your passion and use that as your motivation to press forward, soon these hard times will be over, and allow you to be a new strong warrior.

Other interests

I am a collective member at the University of Manitoba Womyn’s Centre.

Every Saturday, I also volunteer at a Chinese School where I assist in
watching/managing little kids so that the teacher can concentrate on teaching.

I have volunteered for the first time at the Science Rendezvous and I enjoyed it a lot.
Seeing all the amazing activities and the positive atmosphere was very satisfying.

I also love to try baking new pastries and cooking dishes that I have never made
before to challenge myself on my spare time.

Future aspirations?

I hope that I would be able to get into the Pharmacy Faculty after I have finished my
genetics degree, or able to help a professor with research.