How to Apply

Science Co-op is available for students in the following undergraduate 4 year degree programs:

Computer Science

  • Computer Science (Major, Honours)
  • Joint Honours with Computer Science
    • Computer Science and Mathematics Joint Honours
    • Computer Science and Physics and Astronomy Joint Honours
    • Computer Science and Statistics Joint Honours

Computational Sciences

  • Data Science (Major)
  • Mathematics (Major, Honours, Double Honours)
  • Applied Mathematics (Major)
    • Computer Science Option (Major)
    • Economics Option (Major)
    • Statistics Option (Major)
  • Physics & Astronomy (Major, Honours)
  • Statistics (Major, Honours)
    • Statistics – Mathematics Joint Honours

Life and Physical Sciences

  • Biochemistry  (Major, Honours)
  • Biological Sciences (Major, Honours)
  • Biotechnology (Major, Honours)
  • Chemistry (Major, Honours)
  • Genetics (Major, Honours)
  • Microbiology (Major, Honours)
  • Psychology (Major)

In order to apply, students must meet the following minimum requirements: 

  • Full-time students in one of the above programs.
  • Have completed the majority of 2nd year course degree requirements, with not less than 54 credit hours passed.
  • Have a minimum of 30 credit hours remaining in their program of study prior to the beginning of the first work term (in most cases, this would mean at the end of fall term in the application year).
  • A minimum GPA:
    • 2.50 for all Major programs (except Psychology – 3.00 required)
    • 3.00 for all Honours programs

Students are advised that satisfying the entrance requirements does not guarantee a place in Science Co-op.  Enrollment is limited and acceptance is based on academic performance, availability of co-op work positions and completion of a successful intake interview. Science Co-op reserves the right to determine and select the best qualified applicants for admission into the Program. 

Students must be in full-time studies to enter and continue in the Science Co-op.

Students who have special circumstances and may not be sure whether they are eligible for Science Co-op  should contact us via email at

After determining your eligibility, you may apply.  To learn how, select your program below: