Physics and Astronomy

Physics and Astronomy

Students from these programs have solid backgrounds in electronics optics, quantum mechanics, thermal physics, particle physics and medical physics.

Here’s what our Physics and Astronomy students can do for you:

  • Data abstraction, acquisition and analysis
  • Fundamentals in organic chemistry and biochemistry
  • Basic to intermediate electronic skills
  • Lab work in molecular biology and immunology, cell physiology
  • Complex variable and differential equations
  • Fundamentals in quantum mechanics and thermal physics

Transferable Skills:

Science Co-op students are equipped with a solid foundation of transferable skills which include:

  • Critical thinking and creative problem solving
  • Research, analysis, and project management
  • Communications and writing
  • Digital Technology
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Cultural and historical awareness

For a detailed list of courses to learn of the areas covered by Physics and Astronomy lectures and labs, please refer to the University of Manitoba’s Academic Calendar.