Here’s what our Psychology students can do for you:

  • An understanding of physiological, emotional, cognitive and social determinants of behaviour
  • Basic understanding of the various disciplines in psychology as well as major theories and history of psychology
  • Familiarity and experience with the psychological research methods, including data collection and analysis
  • Knowledge of research ethics
  • Earn research participation marks towards your final grades with the opportunity to have an “up close” look at psychology research.
  • Specific knowledge and abilities related to your specialization (ie: Cognition, Neuroscience, Developmental, Social, HCI, Forensic, etc.

Transferable Skills:

Science Co-op students are equipped with a solid foundation of transferable skills which include:

  • Critical thinking and creative problem solving
  • Research, analysis, and project management
  • Communications and writing
  • Digital Technology
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Cultural and historical awareness

For a detailed list of courses to learn of the areas covered by Psychology lectures and labs, please refer to the University of Manitoba’s Academic Calendar.