On your Co-op Work Term

Requirements to pass a co-op work term

  • In order for students to receive a passing grade for their Co-op work term, students must:
  • Receive a satisfactory evaluation from their employer and their work term assignment.
  • Submit all required Co-op document by the specified deadline.
  • Under the following circumstances, Science Co-op may issue a failing grade to a student:
  • When a student is dismissed with just cause by the employer.
  • Student quits the job without permission from their Co-op coordinator and their Co-op employer.
  • Received an unsatisfactory evaluation from the employer.
  • Received an unsatisfactory grade on their report/assignment and failed to re-write.
  • Did not submit the student evaluation form at the end of each Co-op work term.

Overview of Canadian Workplace Culture

During your Co-op work terms, you will likely be asked to work with people who are different from you – different because of their age, gender, ethnicity, education, or first language. By increasing your awareness of the ways cultural difference can affect communication in the workplace, and by reviewing some guidelines for behaviour, you should have fewer problems during your work terms. Note, though, that cultural differences often manifest themselves in subtle ways. Identifying stumbling blocks to communication that are the result of cultural difference is not easy, and requires perception and practice. Never hesitate to talk with your Coordinator if you have problems or questions.