To be considered for Science Co-op, students must be enrolled in the following undergraduate 4-year full-time degree programs:

  • Biochemistry (Major, Honours)
  • Biological Sciences (Major, Honours)
  • Biotechnology (Major, Honours)
  • Computer Science (Major, Honours)
  • Chemistry (Major, Honours)
  • Genetics (Major, Honours)
  • Microbiology (Major, Honours)
  • Statistics (Major, Honours)

Minimum requirements for entry:

  • entering third year in one of the above programs (Computer Science students are required to have completed a minimum of 54 credit hours). Consult the University of Manitoba Undergraduate Calendar for course and grade requirements for entering the major or honours program
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 (Program is competitive)

Please note: Students are advised that satisfying the entrance requirements does not guarantee a place in the Co-op Program. Enrollment is limited and acceptance is based on University performance, availability of work term placements and employer interviews. The Faculty of Science reserves the right to determine and select the best qualified applicants for the available work term placements. Students usually enter the program in the spring going into their third term in the fall. However, due to the variation in students’ academic time of histories, entry into the program may vary on a case-by-case basis. Students must be enrolled in full-time studies to enter and continue in the Science Co-op Program.

Students are encouraged to consider the Co-op Program if they have 30 or more credits hours left to complete in their program.