Science Co-op

Student Benefits & Responsibilities

Student Benefits & Responsibilities


Science Co-op is much more than a short-term job placement solution.

Co-op education provides students with the opportunity to:

  • Earn while you learn – Gain 12 months of paid, relevant work experience related to your degree of study.
  • Develop your professional network and potential mentoring opportunities.
  • Further develop your job-search skills – learn how to write effective resumes and cover letters; as well as improving your success in job interviews.
  • Enhance your marketability and employability after graduation.
  • Opportunities to work across Canada and around the world.
  • Receive a Co-operative Education designation on your degree parchment and transcript.


Co-op students are representatives of Science Co-op and the University of Manitoba and should conduct themselves accordingly in a professional manner. Students must abide by all Science Co-op policies and procedures; as well as those of the Faculty of Science and the University of Manitoba. Student responsibilities include the following: 

 The Job Search: 

  • Attend all mandatory pre-employment career workshops and attend any meetings requested by the Science Co-op office. 
  • Maintain full-time status and good academic standing in your program of study. 
  • Invest time to create and tailor quality applications (resume, cover letter) and prepare for interviews.
  • Actively apply to co-op positions posted on careerCONNECT. 
  • Students should also be conducting their own independent job search. 
  • Pay the required co-op work term fee once your co-op position is confirmed. 
  • Complete any employer onboarding activities in a timely manner. 
  • Always demonstrate the highest degree of professionalism during your interactions with prospective co-op employers and the Science Co-op office. 

 On The Job – The Co-op Work Term: 

  • Apply your classroom learning in the workplace. 
  • In conjunction with your supervisor, set realistic and achievable learning objectives and goals for your co-op work term. 
  • Exercise the highest degree of ethical conduct in the workplace. 
  • Maintain and respect employer confidentiality and any access given to proprietary data, information and technology. 
  • Abide by the policies and procedures of your employer. 
  • Accept constructive feedback from your supervisor/employer in a positive manner. 
  • Be a productive and responsible employee and take initiative as appropriate. 
  • Inform the employer and your Co-op Coordinator should any concerns/problems arise regarding your co-op work term. 
  • Attend a co-op site visit with your supervisor and Co-op Coordinator. 
  • Complete your co-op work term assignment by deadline date. 
  • Use your co-op work term as a learning opportunity – as well, have fun!