The Placement Process – Physical and Life Sciences, Mathematics, Statistics and Psychology

The Job Search

Once students have been accepted into Science Co-op, they are required to attend a series of career development and preparation workshops designed to help them be successful as they enter the professional workplace. They are then ready to start their job search.

During each academic term, the job search is carried out for the next work term. For example, students going out for the Summer co-op work term will start their job search during the Winter academic term.

The Beginning:

  • Employers are invited to recruit Science Co-op students for the upcoming work term.
  • Students ensure their resumes and transcripts are current and ready to go.

Applying For Co-op Jobs:

  • Co-op positions are posted on careerCONNECT and students submit their applications through the portal.  Applications consist of cover letter, resume, and student transcript.
  • Applications are forwarded to employers by the Co-op Office. Some employers may prefer direct applications from the students. In these cases, students will be instructed how to submit their application directly to the employer.
  • Employers notify the Co-op Office regarding the students they wish to interview or, in some cases, may directly contact the students.
  • Students attend interviews either at the employer’s location or on-campus.  Interviews may also be conducted remotely (phone, video) for positions outside Winnipeg.
  • Employers decide whom they wish to hire.  They make their offers through the Co-op Office or directly to the students.
  • Students reply to the Co-op Office with their decision.  Students are expected to respond to all offers within 2 business days.


  • Students who have succeeded in securing a Co-op position complete any required paperwork (i.e., sign offer letter).  The Co-op Office will register students in the appropriate work term course and students pay the required co-op work term fee.