Department Seminars

Each of the 7 departments hosts their own weekly seminar series featuring the work of current professors, graduate students, and visitors from other institutions. Here you’ll learn of the latest developments in the discipline, meet the professors and students, and find like-minded people.

Public Lecture Series

Interdisciplinary Lecture series, Distinguished Alumni talks, PIMS, and Pedagogy
Each year the Faculty of Science hosts numerous public lectures by distinguished visitors from across the globe. From particle physics to bird migration, these talks are a lively engagement with science and the people who make it real. These are free and open to the public.

Science Honored Alumni Awards

We are proud of the work and dedication of Faculty of Science alumni. Each year we honour 8 of the best and brightest who bring science to the world. Join us at Pathways to Achievement in January 30, 2020, to celebrate these graduates, come out to meet them, ask questions, enjoy the conversation, refreshments, and camaraderie. More information to follow.

Homecoming Week

Homecoming is an honoured tradition of celebrating how our university experience has shaped who we are. At the University of Manitoba, Homecoming is a week-long celebration with more than 30 events and activities for alumni, students and our community. Planning ahead? For more information, please visit the University of Manitoba Alumni website.

Plan a class reunion

University of Manitoba alumni reunions take place throughout the year and are a wonderful way to connect with your former classmates for shared experiences and memories.

Go to alumni-reunions to find a complete list of upcoming reunions, organized by your faculty, school or college; ask questions regarding an upcoming reunion, or start planning your own reunion.