Appealing Term Work or Final Grades

At the UofM, your instructor (as they have the expertise in the area) is  responsible for establishing the course requirements and assessment criteria, and they have a great deal of freedom in how these are evaluated. Note that instructors between terms can mark differently, with different foci or level of expectation.

  • instructors set out grading criteria in the Course Outline provided at the beginning of the term
  • some criteria is necessarily applied subjectively, but instructors aim to apply it consistently
  • in courses with multiple sections, expectations and evaluation is coordinated across all sections
  • Course Outlines often have provisions to alter the marks required to achieve a given grade level within the course, based on term-specific challenges
  • all final grades are reviewed at the departmental level to ensure they are appropriate and consistent

The University of Manitoba has a well defined and formal process for appealing any grade you receive at the UofM; appeals are not considered simply because a student feels they should have received a better grade. Please see the following resources: