Changes for Winter 2021

Computer Science understands that there is a need for more spaces in courses, especially at the 3000 level.  We’ve been making changes since the start of the Fall term, and wanted to advertise them here:

  1. We’ve added more than 30 new spaces to COMP 3430.
  2. We’ve added more than 30 new spaces to COMP 3370.
  3. We’ve added a completely new section of COMP 3190 (AI 1).
  4. We’ve added a completely new section of COMP 3490 (Graphics 1).

Spaces for COMP 3190 and COMP 3490 will be available starting in November on aurora.  (Spaces for COMP 3430 and COMP 3370 have been filled from the waitlist.)

These changes are in addition to changes we have already made over last Winter term, including adding a second section of COMP 3350 (SE 1) to the schedule in Winter, and increasing the size of COMP 3370 for the Winter term.

Put together, we hope that these partially address some of the waitlists for courses at the 3000 level.  But please be aware that coop in CS has a known effect on class registrations each Winter term. This will result in some more spaces in a variety of 3000 level courses as work terms are finalized.  We anticipate these changes and take them into account when looking at course sizes.

We will continue to look at course sizes and waitlists and make adjustments throughout the fall term. However, there are factors that prevent us from making much bigger changes, especially needing qualified markers to grade your courses.  We can’t increase sizes if it means that students won’t get grades for assignments and midterms in time.  We want to make sure all students get a good experience in the courses that they take.

Edited, Oct 29: Registration in the new courses will be delayed until later in November.

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