Student Benefits & Responsibilities

Cooperative education provides students with the opportunity to:

  • Develop crucial technical and “soft” employability skills.
  • Earn money to supplement education costs. The average wage Computer Science Co-op students receive is over $20.00 per hour for in-town positions and over $30.00 per hour for out-of-town positions.
  • Build a resume / portfolio. Each work term allows students to expand their resume to include new skills developed during real work experience.
  • Explore career options and define long-term goals.
  • Gain confidence in their abilities and identify areas that are in need of further development.
  • Develop and maintain important industry contacts.
  • Receive a degree parchment that reads:

Bachelor of Computer Science Honours
Co-operative Option


Bachelor of Science Major
Computer Science
Co-op Option


Participation in the Co-op Program is a privilege. Students who are accepted into the program are required to:

  • Ensure that all academic requirements are being met.
  • Attend all mandatory Co-op meetings and interviews.
  • Adhere to all Co-op guidelines and deadlines.
  • Ensure that resumes and cover letters are professional in appearance and effective as marketing tools.
  • Arrange for work permits (international students).
  • Apply for an appropriate number of jobs.
  • Pay for all work term and course fees.
  • Follow all employer policies and procedures.
  • Work to full capacity during work terms.
  • Represent the Computer Science Co-op Program in a professional and ethical manner.
  • Submit all required Co-op forms.
  • Maintain an active “@myumanitoba” account at all times and check their email regularly.

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