Title: Integrating RFID into Farm Traceability
Date: Wednesday, May 19, 2021
Time: 11:25 am to 12:05 pm 


Traceability is difficult on-farm. One of the main issues with traceability is the most critical data to collect is often during the busiest times on the farm which makes it hard to maintain good records at the same time as running the farm. As we know the weather doesn’t wait for anyone so we can’t add work or slow down production on the farm. I will walk through a case study of how we are integrating RFID technology onto a farm to help track production on farm from in the greenhouse to the end use customer.


Kolby Nichol grew up on a grain farm in rural Manitoba. To pursue his interest in agriculture, he attended the University of Manitoba to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Agribusiness. Kolby has fifteen years of experience in the agriculture industry, holding a variety of roles within the industry relating to marketing, sales with such companies as Canterra Seeds, Cargill and  FarmersEdge. He has also advised for numerous organizations such as EMILI,  Hummingbird Technologies and First Descent Software. He has spent the last 10 plus years focused on growing precision agriculture internationally, integrating technology on farms and within the value chain.