Data Science at the City of Winnipeg

Nexus Online Data Enlightening Series (NODES) a new Data Science Seminar Series presents:

Data Science at the City of Winnipeg!

Discover what data scientists at the City of Winnipeg are doing

Thursday, October 29, 2020
2:30 PM
Online Webinar –
Q&A – – Event code #89697

Meet four data scientists at the City of Winnipeg who will give a short overview of his or her work. Each work in three different departments and are one piece of the growing data ecosystem at the City.

Jennifer Bodnarchuk, MSc, PhD

Jen is the Senior Data Scientist for the City of Winnipeg and was the second data scientist hired at the City, in 2019. Prior to working at the City, she spent 12 years working as a statistical analyst and senior planning analyst at Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries. She earned a PhD from the Department of Psychology at the U of M in 2005 and a Master of Data Science from Northwestern University in Chicago in 2016.

Mark Nagelberg, MA

Mark is a Data Scientist for the Transportation Division of the City of Winnipeg (Traffic Signals Branch). Mark joined the City in 2018 as the first data scientist. Before coming to the City, Mark worked for 7 years as a Senior Research Associate at PRA Inc., a market research consulting firm. He earned his undergraduate in economics and mathematics from the U of M in 2010 and a masters in economics from the University of Western Ontario in 2011.

Justin Dallmann, PhD

Justin is a Data Scientist for Innovation, Transformation & Technology with the City of Winnipeg. Before joining the City, he led The Dufresne Group’s analytics department, working on marketing modeling, sales & merchandising forecasts, and data visualization. As a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Toronto and PhD candidate at the University of Southern California, Justin’s work focused on Bayesian models of bounded rationality, decision theory, and the foundations of statistics.

Scott Bazylewski

Scott is a Data Scientist for the Parks and Open Spaces Division of the City of Winnipeg.  He has been working for the City of Winnipeg since 2004 and has just recently started his data science role in March of 2020. In his previous position as an Information Systems Project Leader, Scott was responsible for the development of many applications and tools to help the Public Works department collect, analyze and share data.