Elections & Voting

The Faculty of Science holds votes on planning, policy matters and senate election from time to time.  Angel is the platform used for recording votes and tabulating results.  Eligible voters are informed of surveys by email.

-Voting on council surveys is made available to all members of the Faculty of Science Council (non-retired academics, support staff and student council members).
– Voting on academic surveys is available to non-retired faculty only.

Registration is taken from the lists of faculty and/or support staff maintained by the Dean’s Office.  Every effort will be made to have full and accurate registration in the appropriate survey courses.  If you believe that you are not registered for a survey and should be, please send your name and your UMnet ID to the Science Systems Administrator.

The Voting Procedure:

  • Go to the Angel home page –   https://angel.cc.umanitoba.ca/default.asp
  • Login with your UMnet (unix) ID or your Angel accounts (we create this only for voting/survey purposes)
  • Find an appropriate heading section (details will be mailed), and click on it
  • Click on the related link and follow the instructions

For any problems related to online survey/voting, please contact Science Systems Administrator