Faculty of Science Council

(Approved by Faculty Council February 26, 2008)


To receive reports from the Faculty Executive Committee and Standing Committees and to initiate, discuss and determine general faculty policies.


  • the President
  • the Vice-President designated by the President
  • the Dean of Science as Chair
  • all Full-time Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, Lecturers, Instructors I and II and Senior Instructors holding academic rank in the Faculty
  • the Dean of Arts or designate
  • the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Management and Science at CUSB or designate
  • one representative from each of the Department of Psychology and The Warren Centre of the I.H. Asper School of Business
  • thirteen (13) students registered in the Faculty of Science appointed by the Science Student Association
  • all those holding the titles of Dean Emerita/us or Professor Emerita/us in the Faculty of Science
  • the Head of the Science and Technology Library or designate
  • three members of the Faculty of Science support staff
  • an administrative assistant acting as recording secretary (non-voting)

Terms of Membership:

No fixed term of membership. Concurrent with appointment in position described above.

Duties and Responsibilities:

As prescribed by the University of Manitoba Faculty and School Council General By-law:

Each Faculty or School Council, in addition to any other powers set forth in its individual bylaws and subject to the plenary powers of the Board of Governors and the general charge of all matters of an academic character vested in the Senate shall have power:

  1. To provide for the regulation and conduct of its meetings and proceedings;
  2. To appoint such committees as it may deem necessary and to confer on them the power and authority to act for it with respect to such matters as it may deem   expedient;
  3. To elect and remove its representatives on the Senate in accordance with the Act, and the rules and procedures authorized by the Senate;
  4. To make and administer regulations with respect to the attendance, conduct and progress of students who are registered in the Faculty or School;
  5. To administer the rules and regulations of the Senate as they affect the students registered in the Faculty or School;
  6. To prepare and publish Faculty or School timetables;
  7. To consider and determine appeals by students from a decision of a member of the academic staff of the Faculty or School;
  8. To establish department councils and, following guidelines approved by Senate, prescribe how they shall be constituted.

Each Faculty or School Council shall have the power to make such recommendations as it deems advisable to the appropriate persons or bodies and, without restricting the generality of the foregoing, may make recommendations concerning:

  1. The conferring of the title Professor Emeritus/Emerita and Dean Emeritus/Emerita;
  2. Athletic, social or other extra-curricular activities of students;
  3. The establishment of, the abolition of, or any changes in divisions, departments, chairs, lectureships in the Faculty or School;
  4. The establishment of or the abolition of or any changes in exhibitions, bursaries, scholarships, and prizes to be awarded to students registered in the Faculty or School;
  5. The conditions of entrance to the Faculty or School and the standing to be allowed students entering the Faculty or School and all matters relating thereto;
  6. The regulations, methods, and limits of instruction in the Faculty or School;
  7. The academic standing of all undergraduates in the Faculty or School;
  8. The conditions on which candidates shall be received for examination and the conduct and results of examinations in the Faculty or School;
  9. The degrees, diplomas and certificates of proficiency to be granted by the University pertaining to courses of study in the Faculty or School, and the persons to whom they shall be granted and the course of study required for any such degree, diploma and certificate of proficiency;
  10. The discipline of students registered in the Faculty or School;
  11. The acquisition and use of facilities within the Faculty or School;
  12. The requirements for lecture rooms and other facilities;
  13. The dates for the beginning and ending of lectures in the Faculty or School.


Council shall meet twice yearly, in Fall and Winter Term, and more often at the call of the Chair. The quorum shall be 25 voting members. Motions will be passed by 50% of attending voting member plus one.