Faculty of Science Executive Committee

(Approved by Faculty Council September 5, 2014)


To receive and rule on reports from Faculty of Science Standing and ad hoc Committees and to initiate, discuss and determine general faculty policies to be presented to the Faculty Council.


  • the Dean as Chair;
  • all Associate Deans;
  • a total of seven faculty members elected by and from each department council;
  • one representative from each of the Department of Psychology, The Warren Centre of the I.H. Asper School of Business, and the Faculty of Arts, Management and Science at CUSB;
  • one student member appointed by the Science Students Association;
  • one support staff member elected by and from the Faculty of Science support staff (selected from one of the three support staff currently serving on Faculty Council);
  • an administrative assistant as non-voting recording secretary;
  • additional resource people as needed.

Terms of Membership:

Elected faculty and support staff members shall serve for two-year terms beginning on July 1. Students shall serve for one year, with renewal possible.

Duties and Responsibilities: 

Subject to the powers of Faculty Council, the Executive Committee shall:

  1. approve the agenda for Faculty Council meetings (matters placed on a Council Agenda must normally first be consider by the Executive Committee; the Executive Committee is not obligated in its meeting to debate the merits of every matter placed before it and recommend thereon to Council; nor is it necessary that its views on all matters be indicated in the Council Agenda),
  2. ensure that the Faculty Council policy is properly executed,
  3. decide on membership composition of other committees, including ad hoc committees, reporting to Faculty Council,
  4. co-ordinate the work of other committees of Faculty Council, referring questions involving policy to the appropriate committee,
  5. receive and consider reports and recommendations originating with other committees, and, when it is deemed necessary, pass on its suggestions to those committees,
  6. forward to Faculty Council for decision the final version of all reports and recommendations involving the establishment or alteration of general policy, whether they originate with the Executive Committee itself or with the other committees,
  7. follow up decisions taken by Faculty Council,
  8. deal with the contingencies that arise between meetings of Faculty Council, and, in general, assist the Dean in disposing of matters of a routine nature which do not substantially involve questions of general policy,
  9. report to Faculty Council with respect to actions taken by the Executive Committee,
  10. carry out other functions of Faculty Council shall from time to time specify,
  11. call special meetings of Faculty Council on no less than twenty-four hours notice for purposes specified in the Notice of Meeting,
  12. establish such ad hoc committees as necessary to assist Faculty Council in carrying out its work where an appropriate standing committee of Council does not exist,
  13. approve all course changes put forward by the Committee on Courses and Programs on behalf of Faculty Council and report such decisions to Faculty Council,
  14. review all program changes submitted by the Committee on Courses and Programs and forward recommendations to Faculty Council for final approval.


Normally the Executive Committee meets in the two weeks prior to a scheduled Faculty Council meeting. Notwithstanding the foregoing, however, the Executive Committee shall meet as often as necessary during the year to prepare matters going forward to the Faculty Council, and to review any outstanding business. The quorum shall be 50% of the voting membership plus one.