Mailing Lists in Science

Staff are automatically subscribed to the appropriate departmental and faculty lists.  For membership in other lists, see your departmental Computer Contact.

Posting of messages is restricted to administrative staff, to prevent spamming.  To mail to the lists, please contact the appropriate department’s administrative assistant or confidential secretary.

Here are the lists maintained by the Dean’s Office:

Faculty Lists


science-all All academics and support staff (a merger of the three lists below)
science-academics Non-retired academics
science-supstaff Support staff
science-others Senior scholars, retirees and other affiliated staff
Science-DOGS The Associate Deans and Business Manager
Science-CATS The Department Heads
Science-UGAH The Undergraduate Associate Dept. Heads
Science-GAH The Graduate Associate Dept. Heads
Science-All-AH The Associate Dept. Heads
Science-Communication The Science Communications working group
Science-Interdisciplinary The Science Seminar Committee
Science-Outreach The Science Outreach Committee
Note:  Posting to the science-academics list will NOT automatically reach retirees and senior scholars; to reach all faculty you must post to both science-academics and science-others.

Departmental Lists


science-biosci-all Staff in Biological Sciences
science-biosci-academics Non-retired academics in Biological Sciences
science-biosci-supstaff Support staff in Biological Sciences
science-chemistry-all Staff in Chemistry
science-chemistry-academics Non-retired academics in Chemistry
science-chemistry-supstaff Support staff in Chemistry
science-compsci-all Staff in Computer Science
science-compsci-academics Non-retired academics in Computer Science
science-compsci-supstaff Support staff in Computer Science
science-deltamarsh Staff in Delta Marsh
science-iims Staff in IIMS
science-mathematics-all Staff in Mathematics
science-mathematics-academics Non-retired academics in Mathematics
science-mathematics-supstaff Support staff in Mathematics
science-microbiology-all Staff in Microbiology
science-microbiology-academics Non-retired academics in Microbiology
science-microbiology-supstaff Support staff in Microbiology
science-physics-all Staff in Physics and Astronomy
science-physics-academics Non-retired academics in Physics and Astronomy
science-physics-supstaff Support staff in Physics and Astronomy
science-statistics-all Staff in Statistics
science-statistics-academics Non-retired academics in Statistics
science-statistics-supstaff Support staff in Statistics
Note:  The departments of Biology, Botany and Zoology merged on July 1, 2007 into the new department of Biological Sciences.  At that time the old departmental lists were replaced by the science-biosci-* lists.

Other Lists


science-advisors Student advisors in the Dean’s Office
science-deansoffice All staff in the Dean’s Office
science-dept-heads All Department Heads
science-directors All Directors

NOTE:  The departmental mailing lists form the basis of voter lists for all faculty-wide deliberations – strategic planning, tenure and promotion policy surveys, etc.  It is important that anyone who feels they are not in the right list contact the Science Computing Coordinator for assistance.

Some departments maintain their own lists in addition to the ones shown above.  Contact the appropriate departments regarding their lists.


You can also view all visible mailing lists at the University of Manitoba.
The IST website has more information on creating your own mailing lists.