Combinatorics Seminar – Oct 22, 2021

'Maximizing Five Cycles in K_r-free Subgraphs'

22 October 2021, 3:30 pm (note the unusual time!), Zoom

Speaker: Kyle Murphy (Dakota State)
Title: Maximizing Five Cycles in K_r-free Subgraphs

Abstract: Recently, Palmer and Gerbner defined the term $F$-Tur\’an Good to describe a graph $H$ which is unique maximized by the Tur\’an graph for all sufficiently large $F$-free graphs. Along with Bernard Lick\’y we used the flag algebra method to prove that $C_5$ is $K_{r+1}$-Tur\’an Good for $r \geq 3$. In this talk, I will discuss this result, in addition to giving a brief introduction to the flag algebra method.

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Oct 18, 2021