Combinatorics Seminar – Sept 24, 2021

'Fidelity of Quantum State Transfer on Paths with Potentials'

24 September 2021, 2:30 pm, Zoom

SpeakerChristopher van Bommel (Manitoba, Math)
Title: ‘Fidelity of Quantum State Transfer on Paths with Potentials’

Abstract: Quantum computing is believed to provide many advantages over traditional computing, particularly considering the speed at which computations can be performed. One of the challenges that needs to be resolved in order to construct a quantum computer is the transmission of information from one part of the computer to another. This transmission can be implemented by spin chains, which can be modeled as a graph, and analyzed using algebraic graph theory. The goal of quantum communication is to transmit information with a high level of accuracy, or fidelity. We consider a continuous time quantum walk on an unweighted path on n vertices, to which a loop (potential) of weight w has been added at each end vertex and discuss the fidelity that can be achieved. 
This talk is based on joint work with Steve Kirkland.

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