graduate award for excellence in mathematics

This award goes to a graduate student in the Department of Mathematics who has demonstrated potential for excellence in research at the PhD level and has achieved the highest cumulative grade point average on all course work completed in the graduate program. For a M.Sc. student, the student has to be accepted into the Ph.D. program in the following academic year. The winner must have been in the program no fewer than nine months by May 31 of the year that the award is offered.

Past winners:

  • Jane Breen (2017R)
  • Mohammad Shirazi (2016R)
  • Andrii Arman (2015R)
  • Sergei Tsaturian (2014R)
  • Xiangui Zhao (2012R)
  • Miad Makareh Shireh (2011R)
  • Varvara Shepelska (2011R)
  • Mohammad Safi (2010R, 2009R)
  • Marina Kotovshchikova (2008R)
  • Karen Johansson (2007R)
  • Raza Koushesh, Ebrahim Samei (2005R)
  • Senlin Guo, Raza Khoushesh (2004R)
  • Ebrahim Samei (2003R)