graduate fellowship in mathematics

This award goes to a graduate student who:

  • is enrolled full-time in the Faculty of Graduate Studies in the first year of a Master’s or Doctoral program delivered by the Department of Mathematics;
  • has completed at least one degree in a mathematical discipline at a Canadian university;
  • has achieved academic excellence with a minimum sessional GPA of 3.8 (or equivalent) in each of the last two years of full-time university study;

This award is normally made biennially. In any given year that a recipient does not qualify for continuation, an entering student may receive the Fellowship. The Fellowship may not be held with any other individual award valued at more than $6000 (per year). This restriction does not include employment income or research support paid from research grants. A student may hold only one Fellowship in his/her lifetime. This award has been generously funded by the Canadian Mathematical Society.

Past winners:

  • Kenneth Onuma (2017R)
  • Kenneth Onuma (2016R)
  • Darren Flynn (2015R)
  • Rahim Taghikhani (2014R, 2013R)
  • Liji Huang (2012R, 2011R)
  • Filofteia Gheorghe (2010R, 2009R)