Rings and Modules Seminar – Oct. 5

"Resultant-Based Methods for Skew Elimination"

5 October 2021, 2:40 pm, Zoom

Speaker: Raqeeb Rasheed (University of Manitoba)
Title: Resultant-Based Methods for Skew Elimination

Abstract: This talk is about resultant-based methods for elimination of indeterminates of skew polynomial systems. We define the concept of resultant for bivariate skew polynomials via Dieudonné determinant and then applying a modular technique to improve the efficiency of the method. Then the general case can be expressed recursively.

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For any other questions or to get the full seminar link, email Dr. Thomas Kucera: Thomas.Kucera@umanitoba.ca or Dr. Yang Zhang: Yang.Zhang@umanitoba.ca 
Oct 4, 2021