Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate Studies

Prospective Students

The Department of Mathematics offers several Honours and Major undergraduate degree programs. Click here to learn more about them. See here for information on fees, funding and awards and scholarships, and here to get information about admission procedures and deadlines. Finally, click here to find out about careers in Mathematics.


The Department offers many undergraduate courses. Click here to find out what these are. You will also find there past examinations (midterms and finals).

Important information on penalties associated with acts of academic dishonesty

Special Permissions for Mathematics Courses

The Mathematics Department generally does not waive prerequisites for any course. If you would like to request special permission, please first discuss your options with an advisor in your home faculty, then contact the Associate Head (Undergraduate Studies) if needed.

Getting help about course choices

Student advisors in the faculty administering your program will have a general knowledge of your program requirements. For specific questions regarding mathematics courses, please contact the mathematics department office who will refer you to a member of the student advisory committee.

The course you want to register in is full?

The Department of Mathematics does not allow overrides into first- and second-year courses. However, it is likely that in the time from the start of classes to the end of the Registration revision period (see here for that date in the current year), some spots will open up in one of the sections of the course you want to take. Check with the instructor of one of the sections and with one teaching assistant that it is okay to sit in their class, then attend lectures and tutorials. If a spot opens up in one of the sections, register in it. Note that you will incur late registration fees, and that there is no guarantee that a spot will indeed open up.

Getting help with mathematics

We have a help centre, located 412 Machray Hall, available to students registered in first year math courses. Details are available here.