Nathan mendelsohn prize

This prize goes to the highest ranking student at a Canadian university in the Putnam Mathematics Competition.

Dr. Mendelsohn was born in 1917 in Brooklyn, New York City. He completed all his university degrees at the University of Toronto. As an undergraduate, he was a member of the University of Toronto team, which came in first in the first Putnam Competition. His distinguished career as a mathematician spanned 60 years from 1945 to 2005. Except for a brief stay at Queen’s University, he was a professor at the University of Manitoba, where he held the position of department head for almost a quarter of a century. Dr. Mendelsohn was the president of the Canadian Mathematical Society from 1969 to 1971. He was a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, winner of the Henry Marshall Tory Medal and a member of the Order of Canada. His research, which gained worldwide recognization, was in combinatorics, classical geometry and finite groups. For more information see hisĀ Wikipedia page. See also theĀ Putnam Mathematics Competition.

Past Nathan Mendelsohn Prize winners:

  • 2021: Not awarded
  • 2020: Anzo Zhao Yang Teh (University of Waterloo)
  • 2019: Albert Gevorgyan (University of Waterloo)
  • 2018: Michael Chow (University of Toronto)
  • 2017: Daniel Spivak (University of Waterloo)
  • 2016: Daniel Spivak (University of Waterloo)
  • 2015: Daniel Spivak (University of Waterloo)
  • 2014: Daniel Spivak (University of Waterloo)
  • 2013: Kangning Chen (University of Waterloo) and Sam Eisenstat (University of Waterloo)
  • 2012: Hao Sun (University of Waterloo)
  • 2011: Ruiyuan Chen (University of British Columbia)
  • 2010: Konstantin Matveev (University of Toronto)
  • 2009: Steven Karp (University of Waterloo) and Boyu Li (University of Waterloo).