Undergraduate Research Project Opportunity

Manitoba eXperimental Mathematics Laboratory

Are you interested in doing an undergraduate research project in math? You’re in luck because the Manitoba eXperimental Mathematics Laboratory is looking for undergraduate researchers for the fall semester!

Undergraduate research is a great way to learn some new mathematics that you won’t see in standard courses! It also gives you the opportunity to work on math that doesn’t yet have an “answer.” If you’re at all interested in graduate school, or just want to know more about the sort of things your professors do when they aren’t teaching your classes, have a look at the projects and apply here by August 19!

We hope to have 1-4 students on each project, so there’s plenty of space!

You’ll get course credit, learn cool math, and make connections with other students and with professors.

There are projects with different prerequisites and you do NOT have to have prior research experience. Research is really fun, more long term than taking classes and involves different skills, so this is a great way to try something new without going all the way to graduate school first.

Please contact Meredith.Sargent@umanitoba.ca if you have any questions!