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Mentor FAQ

We invite you to participate in the new Faculty of Science (FoS) Mentoring Program if you are interested in:

  • Mentoring a U of M FoS student who shares your field of interest
  • Helping a U of M FoS student develop their future or give direction in a specific career
  • Sharing insightful, inside industry knowledge first hand
  • Giving back to U of M by joining our mentoring pool of industry and alumni to help build the future of a young student

If any of these points are of interest to you, then we welcome your participation in the FoS Mentoring Program.

Mentor FAQ

What are the benefits of the program?

The FoS Mentoring Program benefits students by teaching them skills in professional communication, teamwork, project management and leadership.

We believe this program will also increase mentors’ personal fulfillment and satisfaction in sharing their knowledge within their field of profession.

Is this a jobs program for me to find a job for my mentee?

No. You are not required nor under any obligation to find a job for your mentee.

Whom do I contact to learn more about the program?

Please contact Carrie Selin, Science Engagement, at for more information regarding the FoS Mentoring Program.

What are the acceptance criteria?

We welcome alumni and industry mentors from a breadth of sectors. We are looking for vibrant industry professionals to share their business experience with undergraduate students, thereby helping to guide students to a brighter future with consistently successful outcomes upon graduation.  We also ask that you abide by the University of Manitoba Respectful Work and Learning Environment code of conduct.

Note: Confidentiality is required in this program for both mentors and mentees.

How do I apply?

You may apply online to be a mentor in the FoS Mentoring Program. You will be asked:

  • To follow the instructions provided
  • To upload your resume/CV
  • Why you want to be part of the program
  • To describe your main interests and goals

We ask information-gathering questions to determine your best match. Successful matches are key to a positive mentoring experience.

How does the FoS Mentoring Program work?

As part of the application, every student and mentor will fill out a questionnaire, gauging his or her availability, interests, and field of study/work. After the application has been processed, and an initial telephone conversation, if there is an eligible mentee, the applicant will be matched with a FoS undergraduate student who has been accepted to participate in the program.

What additional information should I know?

  • The next phase of the FoS Mentoring Program will go from September 2020– May 2021.
  • We will offer a number of virtual events throughout the duration of the FoS Mentoring Program, such as an orientation/meet and greet, and other virtual networking events.
  • We will facilitate the use of Skype or another suitable platform to be in contact with your mentee.  **Note due to Covid, all meetings will be virtual.
  • While we would like student and mentor to meet as much as possible, minimally there should be a one-hour monthly contact between student and mentor. Students are responsible for contacting the mentor the first time. We will facilitate this relationship, as part of the success of a mentoring program is the development of your mentorship with the student.
  • We will supply the mentor with an email link to keep a log of all student and mentor meetings and discussions.
  • We invite the mentor to share their LinkedIn account while in the program and encourage highlighting their involvement on social media.

What do I do now that I am accepted?

The program coordinator will contact you to provide the student’s name and contact information. There will also be additional summary information provided.  You will wait for the student to contact you!

How do I contact the student?

The program coordinator will send an introductory email to the mentor and the student. It will be then be the responsibility of student to connect.

What discussions do I have with my mentee?

You may have a professional discussion with the student that includes topics such as:

  • Career goals
  • Networking
  • Company structure and operations

What happens if the mentoring relationship is not working?

We want the student and your experiences to be successful. The program coordinator will be available on a continuous basis to provide support and offer guidance, and will facilitate requests as they arise.