Alumni Prove Science Degrees Open Many Doors

If you need proof a UM Science degree can take you far, look no further than the 2020 Faculty of Science Honoured Alumni

This years’ honourees boast a depth and breadth of technical and professional experience to be admired. From Winnipeg to the Arctic Circle, from California to Kenya and war-torn Iraq, their work has effected positive change around the globe.

Whether developing cancer vaccines, investigating climate change, optimizing resource management or discovering solutions to mitigate environmental contaminants, our alumni have played a part. From leading technological innovations and growing new businesses to supporting the advancement and reconciliation of Canada’s Indigenous peoples, they have worked to improve the lives of others. Through teaching, research and innovation, these individuals have taken their Science degrees and done what we hope all of our UM alums do: they’ve made this world a better place.

What: Careers in Science Panel, Roundtable, and 2020 Faculty of Science Honoured Alumni Awards

Where: Marshall McLuhan Hall, University of Manitoba, Fort Garry Campus

When: January 30, 2020 – 3:30 PM – event starts

Cost: FREE!!

The 2020 Faculty of Science, U of M Honoured Alumni Award recipients are:

  • Doug Collier [BSc/87]
    Former Senior VP/Pres: Intl/Chief Commercial Officer, LA-Z-Boy Inc.
  • Beverly Diamond [PhD/82]
    Professor, Department of Mathematics, College of Charleston
  • Mark Evans [MSc/86, PhD /88]
    Founder, CEO and President of EISI, to founder and CEO of Conquest Planning Inc.
  • Muthana Al-Ghazi [PhD/83]
    Clinical Professor & Director of Medical Physics, University of California Irvine
  • Philip S. Lee [BSc/66, Public Admin. Diploma /77, LLD/11]
    Former Lieutenant Governor, Province of Manitoba
  • Carl James Schwarz [BSc/78, MSc/80, PhD/88]
    Professor Emeritus, Simon Fraser University
  • Tom Sheldon [BSc/03, MSc/06]
    Director of Policy Advancement for Inuit Taporiit Kanatami
  • Karin Thacker [BSc/93, MSc/95]
    VP-Global Regulatory Affairs at Gritstone Oncology

Memorial Awards

In addition, the Faculty of Science is proud to honour the following recipients of the Honoured Alumni Memorial Award: Dr. John Allen [BA/28]; Yvonne Brill [BSc /45], and Monty Hall [BSc/48].

“Fundamental Contributions to Discovery Science” winner John Allen was the son of the first Physics professor at UM: Dr. Frank Allen. A low-temperature physics pioneer, he was known for discovering superfluid helium and developing techniques such as O-rings and indium gaskets to seal vacuum systems.

“Applications that Changed the World” winner Yvonne Brill invented a propulsion system to keep satellites in their orbits. The lone woman rocket scientist in the US in the mid-1940s, she went on to develop the rocket motor for the space shuttle.

“Beyond Science” winner Monty Hall was the legendary game show host of “Let’s Make A Deal”, in addition to a variety of entertainment-related positions and a generous philanthropist. He inspired the Monty Hall problem, a classic probability problem. No matter where you go, Science goes with you.

Everyone is welcome to attend the Careers in Science event on Thursday, Jan 30, 2020 to meet our amazing alumni and discover first-hand how a degree in Science opens the door to many possibilities.


Jan 29, 2020