Undergraduate Microbiology Student’s Club (MiSC)

An undergraduate club started in 2018, MiSC is a community of students in undergraduate programs of Microbiology and related fields such as Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology. Our executive committee is comprised of five senior undergraduate students who serve the following roles:


Umema Rafay, Email: rafayu@myumanitoba.ca


Lumiere Parrenas, Email: parrenal@myumanitoba.ca


Kohavit Kleitman, Email: kleitmak@myumanitoba.ca

Director of Finance

Maxim Skorodinsky, Email: skorodim@myumanitoba.ca

Director of Social Media

Charanpreet Kaur, Email: kaurc@myumanitoba.ca

Director of Student Services

Emilia Smolyak, Email: smolyake@myumanitoba.ca


Our goal is to build a stronger community of students within these programs. We will be hosting events such as speaker series, networking events and study sessions to connect students with other students with similar interests as well as professionals within the field.

For more information on how to join or if you have questions about our group, please email us individually or at the following:

Club Email: 


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Instagram: Misc.UofM

Twitter: UofM.microclub