Undergraduate Summer Employment

The Applied Soil Ecology Lab is based out of the Department of Soil Science, University of Manitoba under the leadership of Dr. Mario Tenuta. We have highly productive and impactful research programs with several important foci: soil ecology, nematology, plant disease, and the relationship between nutrient management and greenhouse gas emissions. Please see www.soilecology.ca for more information on our lab, including its personnel, projects, facilities, and a photo gallery.

We are currently looking for motivated undergraduate students who want to gain hands-on experience conducting scientific research to assist with our research projects from May through August. Our employment opportunities include field technicians in our Greenhouse Gas Research Program and lab technicians in our Soil Ecology & Plant Disease Research Program.

Field technicians for the Greenhouse Gas Research Program will have the opportunity to assist graduate students and senior technicians in small scale research field plot maintenance; collect soil, manure, plant and greenhouse gas samples; measure spectral reflectance from crops; prepare gas sample vials; process soil samples and conduct nutrient extraction; and thresh and grind plant samples.

Lab technicians for the Soil Ecology & Plant Disease Research Program will have the opportunity to assist graduate students and senior technicians in laboratory studies; count and identify soil organisms using compound / dissecting microscopes; make culture media and reagent solutions; extract pathogens and nematodes from soils; and potentially learn basic molecular biology analyses such as PCR, qPCR, and gel electrophoresis.

In the past, students have been able to use this employment as a co-op work term. Additionally, the Applied Soil Ecology Lab occasionally has the need for and offers part-time employment beyond the summer.

Please see the attached files for details on each position, including their job description, duties / responsibilities, qualifications, terms of employment, and how to apply. These files are also available on the employment page of our website, https://soilecology.ca/research-job-openings/#UG.