Final Exam Viewing

 Policies regarding viewing of final exams

i. Requests to view final exams must be made by Monday, May 23rd, 2022 3:30 PM by using the exam viewing form (January 2023), or no later than two weeks following the date of a deferred exam, whichever is appropriate.

ii. Lab and course final exams are considered to be separate exams.

iii. A single date and time for viewing exams will be determined by the Department of Microbiology (see below), and will occur prior to the final date for applying for an appeal. There will be no “deferred” date.

iv. All students that have requested to view their exams will be allowed to view a photocopy of their final exam, in the presence of an invigilator. Student cards must be presented.

v. Unless indicated specifically by the instructor, photocopies of exams must be returned immediately after viewing to the invigilator, who will record the return of the exam.

vi. Students are not permitted to make copies or take information, in any form, from their exam papers. Writing materials, cameras, cell phones, and any type of digital recording devices are not allowed during the proceedings.

vii. The purpose of viewing exams is not to negotiate the marking of an exam. The only exception is if an obvious case of incorrect addition is discovered; the invigilator should be informed and will forward the information to the instructor.

viii. Viewing of Biochemistry (CHEM/MBIO 2360, 2370, 2770, and 2780) exams will be available through the Department of Chemistry and falls under the rules of that Department.

ix. Exams that are machine-marked and contain no written answers will be treated as follows for viewing:  A copy of the final exam, a copy of the student’s bubble sheet, and a copy of the answer key will be provided to the student in order that they may review their answers.