Academic Assessment Regulations

Academic Assessment Regulations

Effective Fall 2021 the Faculty of Science will be assessing students’ academic performance based on their Degree GPA (DGPA). The official assessment policy is available to view in the online Academic Calendar. In the event of a discrepancy between this page and the Academic Calendar, the Academic Calendar shall prevail. At the end of each term, any student who has completed a course, with a minimum of 1 credit hour, in that term will have their academic performance assessed. A notation will appear on the transcript with one of the following assessments:

Credit Hours Completed DGPA Assessment
Less than 12 credit hours All GPA Less than Minimum
12 credit hours and above ≥ 2.0 Minimum Met
12 – 23 credit hours < 2.0 Academic Warning
24+ credit hours < 2.0 On Probation



Where can students view their academic assessment?

At the end of each term, once final grades are in, academic standing will be updated in their Aurora web transcript. Assessment for each term is based on attempted credit hours and Degree GPA. The assessment will be listed beside the academic standing heading.

Where can students view their Degree GPA (DGPA)?

A student’s DGPA, is viewable in their web transcript in Aurora. At the top of their transcript, students can locate their ‘Sought’ degree to see their current DGPA. DPGA includes ALL courses applied to their Science degree. If a student has transfer credit from another institution, it is also included in their DGPA.

The GPA listed in UM Achieve is not the GPA used for assessments.

What should a student do if they are concerned about their grades or assessment?

Students are in control of their academic future and the choices they make. There are many supports at the U of M students may use to improve their academic skills or to manage life challenges. ‘Student Supports’ below are just some of the places students may access. Students are encouraged to review these resources and to check out our Academic Advising support page if they have additional questions.

More FAQs

What does it mean to be On Probation?

Students are assessed as on Probation if they have attempted 24+ credit hours and have a DGPA of less than 2.0.

Students On Probation will be contacted by the advising team each term, regarding their assessment. During their first term On Probation, a student will have a hold preventing future registration until the completion of an online program in UMLearn that covers study skills, time management, and managing personal issues. The hold will be removed upon completion of this program that takes approximately 2 hours for students to complete.

Students assessed as On Probation must obtain a Term GPA (TGPA) of 2.0 or higher, in future terms. This means that while On Probation, a student must obtain a GPA in each term of 2.0 or higher.


Can students take classes while “On Probation”?

While a student is On Probation they may register or remain registered in courses (as long as they have completed the mandatory UMLearn course). They will be allowed to keep registering as long as they maintain a TGPA of 2.0 or higher each term while they are On Probation. Their DGPA does NOT have to be above 2.0 as long as their TGPA is 2.0 or higher each term.

Over time, a student’s DGPA may reach 2.0 or higher with continued success each term while On Probation. At that time, the student will clear probation and be assessed as Minimum Met.

What if a student does not obtain a TGPA of 2.0 while On Probation?

Students assessed as On Probation who do not achieve a minimum Term GPA (TGPA) of 2.0, upon subsequent registrations, will be assessed as on Suspension and will be suspended from the Faculty of Science and not permitted to register for courses. The duration of the suspension, along with the notation on the transcript, will depend on whether this is a first or a second suspension. Students in this situation are encouraged to meet with an advisor.