NEW Assessments Effective Fall 2021

New Academic Assessment Regulations for Faculty of Science Undergraduates- Effective Fall 2021

Effective Fall 2021 the Faculty of Science will be assessing students’ academic performance based on their  Degree GPA (DGPA).  At the end of each term, the first being at the end of Fall 2021, any student who has completed 12 credit hours or more will  have their academic performance assessed. Notifications will appear on your student transcript, which will reflect your academic standing.  On the “Academic Standing” portion of your transcript you will have a notation, that reflects if you are  “Minimum Met”, “Academic Warning”, or “On Probation”, The criteria for each category is based on the following:

Credit Hours Completed DGPA Assessment
12 credit hours and above ≥ 2.0 Minimum Met
12 – 23 credit hours < 2.0 Academic Warning
24+ credit hours < 2.0 On Probation

Students who have completed 12 credit hours and above at the point of assessment and have a DGPA of 2.0 or greater will be assessed as “Minimum Met”.

Students who have completed 12-23 credit hours at the point of assessment and have a DGPA less than 2.0 will be assessed as on “Academic Warning”.

Students who have completed 24 credit hours or more at the point of assessment and have a DGPA less than 2.0 will be assessed as “On Probation” and will be placed on probation.

Students assessed “On Probation” who do not achieve a minimum Term GPA (TGPA) of 2.0, upon subsequent registrations, will be assessed as “On Suspension” and will be suspended from the Faculty of Science. The duration of the suspension, along with the notation on the transcript, will depend on whether this is a first or a second suspension.

Can students take classes while “On Probation”?

While a student is “On Probation” they may register or remain registered in courses. They will be allowed to keep registering as long as they maintain a TGPA of 2.0 each term while they are “On Probation”.

After being assessed as “On Probation”, if their DGPA is not over 2.0 next term will a student be suspended?

After a student is put “On Probation” they are assessed based on their Term GPA (TGPA). Their DGPA does not need to be a 2.0.

A student’s DGPA may reach 2.0 or higher over time with continued success each term while “On Probation”. At that time, the student will clear probation and be assessed as “Minimum Met”.

If students are unable to achieve a 2.0 Term GPA while “On Probation”, they will be suspended from the Faculty of Science.