CANSSI Prairies – the University of Manitoba and the Canadian Statistical Sciences institute announce a new collaboration

The University of Manitoba Faculty of Science and the Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute (CANSSI) have agreed to collaborate to promote statistical sciences research and training, both in Canada and internationally; to establish a Regional Centre for the Prairie Region: Manitoba, Saskatchewan, NWT and Nunavut (“CANSSI Prairies”).

CANSSI Prairies; will support data-intensive research, provide opportunities for University of Manitoba researchers to expand their research activities, provide opportunities for regional collaborations, and assist in strengthening the network of statistical scientists in the region and across Canada.

“To function efficiently and with maximum impact, CANSSI has the complex problem of considering both national and provincial conditions and perspectives in its policies and operations,” explains Don Estep, Director, Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute.

A key component in CANSSI’s strategy is establishing CANSSI Regional Centres which will allow CANSSI to deploy its national resources effectively at the provincial level and to organize local consensus regarding CANSSI operations and programs. I am very thankful for the vision and leadership demonstrated by the University of Manitoba in taking on the responsibility of establishing and supporting CANSSI Prairies for the benefit of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. I am very excited by the many scientific opportunities that await us.”

CANSSI Prairies will be hosted in the UM’s Department of Statistics, the first department of statistics at a post-secondary institution in Canada; the department is known for its excellent graduate program, and for producing internationally recognized leaders in evidence-based decision-making.

“Given our increasingly data-driven world, the UM Faculty of Science is excited to partner with CANSSI to enhance and promote statistical sciences research in the Canadian prairies,” says Brian Mark, Associate Dean Faculty of Science.

By Jennifer MacRae

Sep 21, 2020

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