Department of Chemistry Changes: Questions Answered

Department of Chemistry Changes: Questions Answered

We took a collection of students’ questions around the Chemistry Changes happening this Fall 2021 and are sharing the answers for them.  If you have questions after reading the collection of Q & A’s provided, check the Chemistry website for more information.


Q1.  I have taken CHEM 1300 and received a C but have not taken CHEM 1310, what do I need to take to fulfill my chemistry requirement for a degree?

A1.  It depends on the requirements of your degree if you need the new CHEM 1110 and 1120 (lab). Some programs will require you to take the new lecture and lab- some may not. Please check the Academic Calendar or UM Achieve for more information. You should also check prerequisites in upper-level courses to determine if you need both the lecture and lab courses.

Q2.  I did not receive the grade I needed for CHEM 1310, or I did not take CHEM 1310 yet. What do I take now?

A2.  You will need to take CHEM 1110 and CHEM 1120 to replace CHEM 1310. Please confirm that both are needed for your program.

Q3.  I am repeating a Chemistry course. Can I get a lab exemption from Chemistry instead of taking the new lab course?

A3.  Due to the changed format of the courses, the department of Chemistry no longer allows lab exemptions.

Q4.  Can I take CHEM 1120, a lab course, at the same time or before CHEM 1100 or CHEM 1110?

A4.  CHEM 1120 is set up to be independent of CHEM 1100 and 1110. You can take CHEM 1120 if you have the correct high school prerequisite: [70% in Chemistry 40S and (one of 70% in Pre-Calculus Mathematics 40S, 70% in Applied Mathematics 40S, or a “B” or better in MSKL 0100] or [one of CHEM 1100, the former CHEM 1300, CHEM 1301, CSKL 0100 (P), or the former CHEM 0900 (P)].

This is the same for the lab courses for Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry. You may take them independent of the lecture course as long as you meet the prerequisites for the lab course.

Q5.  I do not have grade 12 (40S) Chemistry. What can I do?

A5.  You will need to take CSKL 0100 to prepare for CHEM 1100/1120, it must be completed before taking CHEM 1100; they cannot be taken in the same term.

Note: CHEM 1100 also requires 50% in Applied or Precalculus Math, Math Skills, or MATH 1018 (C).

To take CHEM 1120 if you have the correct prerequisite to take CHEM 1120 which states:  [70% in Chemistry 40S and (one of 70% in Pre-Calculus Mathematics 40S, 70% in Applied Mathematics 40S, or a “B” or better in MSKL 0100] or [one of CHEM 1100, the former CHEM 1300, CHEM 1301, CSKL 0100 (P), or the former CHEM 0900 (P)].

Q6.  I noticed the change in the chemistry labs and am curious if this means I only register for a course’s lab in either the fall or winter, but not both (ex: CHEM 2100 organic chem and CHEM 2110 organic chem 2 has one lab CHEM 2122 does it matter whether I take it during the fall (with CHEM 2100) or winter (with CHEM 2110) semester?)

A6.  It does not matter which term you take the lab in. You can take it in whichever term it is offered and what works with your schedule. The only time you might need to take the lab first would be if it is a prerequisite for a course. However, for CHEM 2110 the prerequisite is just CHEM 2100 alone.

Q7.  I am in the Two focus areas general degree*, I have completed CHEM 1300; what do I need to complete my Chemistry subject area? The calendar said to take 6 credits of each group. Do I need to take both (CHEM 1110 and 1120 or just one?)

A7.  For the two focus areas general degree, you only need to take one. If you take both, CHEM 1110 and CHEM 1120, one of them will be an elective, and one of them will complete the Chemistry requirement (along with CHEM 1300) as an introductory subject field. If you are planning to take upper-level chemistry courses you should plan on taking CHEM 1110 and 1120.

If you are looking at the Fall 2021 and onward general degree, then you may fulfill the Physical Sciences section by taking CHEM 1110, CHEM 1120, or one of ASTR 1810, ASTR 1830, PHYS 1020 (or PHYS 1050), PHYS 1030 (or PHYS 1070 or PHYS 2152).

When selecting courses to fulfill the Introductory Faculty of Science requirement, a student should consider the subject areas in which they wish to select Advanced Level Faculty of Science courses and select courses that will fulfill the prerequisite requirements of the Advanced Level courses. Read more about the Fall 2021 and onward general degree on the science website or run a what-if audit in UM Achieve.

*The two focus general, biology focus and chemistry focus general degree is not available to students admitted to Science in Fall 2021 and onward.

Q8.  I have taken both CHEM/MBIO 2360 & 2370, do I need to take the new lab CHEM 2720, to satisfy the Biochemistry requirement?

A8.  No, you have completed the requirement for Biochemistry by completing CHEM/MBIO 2360 and CHEM/MBIO 2370 which had the lab embedded in the course. Be sure to look at what minimum grade you need in CHEM 2370 for your program and prerequisites. If you have a D in CHEM 2370 you may need to retake the new lecture and lab course (CHEM 2710 and 2720). Before retaking, please confirm that both are needed for your program through the Academic calendar or UM achieve.

Q9.  I entered the Microbiology and Genetics degree with a Fall 2020 or earlier catalog term. I see that CHEM 2220 is not required in the new Fall 2021 program. Do I need to take CHEM 2220 (Organic 2)?

A9.  If you have neither MBIO/CHEM 2360 nor 2370

  • You will take MBIO/CHEM 2700 & 2710 & 2720. The new Biochemistry lab course (CHEM 2720) will be used in place of Organic 2.
  • If you have already taken Organic 2, CHEM 2720 can be used as a required options course

If you have MBIO/CHEM 2360 but not MBIO/CHEM 2370

  • You will need to take MBIO/CHEM 2710 & 2720. You may use the new Biochemistry lab course (CHEM2720) in place of Organic 2
  • If you have already taken Organic 2, CHEM 2720 can be used as a required options course

If you have both MBIO/CHEM 2360 and MBIO 2370

  • You may use an Options List course (at the 2000 level) in place of Organic 2 or take CHEM 2122 or 2110

All of the above substitutions will need to be made as an exception in UM Achieve. AFTER you have registered, send an email to with your name, student number, program, and the exception that you need to be loaded.

Q10.  What are the prerequisites to the new Biochemistry CHEM/MBIO 2700/2710/2720?

A10.  Prerequisite for MBIO/ CHEM 2700 = CHEM 1310 C grade [or CHEM1110 C and 1120 C] and BIOL 1030 (grade of C)

Prerequisite for MBIO/ CHEM 2710 = CHEM 2700 C grade [or CHEM/MBIO 2360 C] and CHEM 2100 grade of C [or CHEM 2210 grade of C]

CHEM 2720= [CHEM 1110 grade of C and CHEM 1120 grade of C] or CHEM 1310 grade of C

Q11.  What is going to be the requirements for the Chemistry minor?

A11.  The Fall 2021 Academic Calendar states the chemistry minor is: CHEM 1100, CHEM 1110, CHEM 1120, and 9 credit hours of Chemistry at the 2000 level or higher. To see how a minor will fit into your degree you may run a what-if audit for your program and add a minor through UM achieve.

Q12.  The current calendar only has the courses for students just entering the program in Fall 2021. Where do I find the requirements for my program if I’m already in a program? How do I know what classes to take?

A12.  You will be able to run a declared program audit in UM Achieve to see what classes you have left. If some classes are no longer offered, please connect with an Academic Advisor for the transition plan for your program. In some cases, if you are early on in your program switching to the new program may be a good option, but you can discuss this with an advisor.

Q13.  I am in the Biological Sciences Major and I need to take CHEM 1300 and CHEM 1310, so what do I take now?

A13.  All Biological Sciences programs require CHEM 1100, but whether you need both CHEM 1110 and 1120 depends on the theme you are in – use UM Achieve to run an audit or read the requirements for your theme is the Academic Calendar.

Q14.  I am in Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology, do I have to do all 3 biochemistry courses when I already have CHEM 2360?

A14.  The Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology theme require all three of CHEM/MBIO 2700, 2710, and 2720 or all three of CHEM/MBIO 2730, 2750, and 2740. If you are taking CHEM/MBIO 2700/2710/2720, you must also take CHEM 2100 as a prerequisite to CHEM/MBIO 2710.

*this is the same for the Integrative theme and Environmental and Integrative theme if you have CHEM 2360 previously completed.


Jul 30, 2021

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