NEW General Degree Requirements for Fall 2021

The Faculty of Science is excited to announce a new structure for the General degree beginning in Fall 2021. The change was made to strengthen the foundation of the degree at the introductory level over a broader spectrum of Science courses, to allow for more flexibility in the choice of advanced-level courses from a diverse selection of disciplines.

All new Science students admitted in Fall 2021 will follow the new General degree plan. Students who are currently in the General degree or are transiting from U1 for Fall 2021 will have the option to follow the current degree or switch to the new version.

The new General degree will consist of:

Introductory Level Faculty of Science Courses1 (21 credit hours):

  • 9 credit hours from the Computational and Mathematical Sciences
  • 6 credit hours from the Physical Sciences
  • 6 credit hours from the Life Sciences

Advanced Level Faculty of Science Courses (36 credit hours):

To satisfy the advanced level requirements of the 3-year General Degree program, thirty-six (36) credit hours at 2000, 3000, and (or) 4000 levels must be chosen from courses offered by the Faculty of Science.

Of these 36 credit hours, at least 9 credit hours must be chosen from 3000 or 4000 level courses.

Other Course Requirements (33 credit hours):

  • Faculty of Science Elective course (3 credit hours)
  • Other Faculty Courses (12 credit hours. Must include 6 credit hours from Arts –
  • Elective Courses (18 Credit hours)

Click for more details on the New General Regulations 2021 2022

How to know which version is best for you? Use UM Achieve to run a what-if audit using your current Catalog term (the year you started the degree), and compare it to a what-if audit using the Fall 2021 Catalog term (available in UM Achieve by early July 2021).

If you are happy with your current plan or are close to graduating, then no need to change – keep using the UM Achieve audit for the Catalog term you first entered the General degree. However, after comparing audits, if you want to move to a new degree, let us know! We will be happy to move you into the new degree or discuss options with you.

When contacting a Science Academic Advisor for more information, please include your name, student number, and a couple of specific questions. By doing so, we can provide you with a more timely and complete answer or make an appointment to discuss the situation with you.


NEW Areas of Interest to Science Degrees2


Food production and value-added processing contribute substantially to Manitoba’s economy.  In agriculture, a significant transformation is occurring (akin to the biotechnology transformation of the 80/90’s); technology and data management are becoming as important to the profession as animal husbandry and agronomic expertise are (Stackhouse, 2019, RBC Report Farmer 4.0: How the Coming Skills Revolution Can Transform Agriculture).


Because of this, the Faculty of Science is collaborating with the Faculty of Agriculture to offer their students the new “Areas of Interest”.  Science students now have access to the following courses to fulfill their electives if they are interested in the area of agricultural sciences.  These courses chosen from AgroScience and Food Technology within the electives of a Science degree are to benefit other subject knowledge that can elevate your capacity within the workforce.


To explore your interest in these concepts and practices in plant, soil, and weather factors review:


Agro Science

AGRI 1600 Introduction to Agrifood Systems 3 Cr. Hrs

PLNT 2500 Crop Production 3 Cr. Hrs

PLNT 4410 Grassland Agriculture: Plant, Animal and Environment 3 Cr. Hrs

SOIL 3060 Introduction to Agrometeorology 3 Cr. Hrs

SOIL 3600 Soils and Landscapes in Our Environment 3 Cr. Hrs


Food Technology

FOOD 2500 Food Chemistry 3 Cr. Hrs

FOOD 3010 Food Process 1 3 Cr. Hrs

FOOD 4150 Food Microbiology 1 3 Cr. Hrs

FOOD 4310 Introduction to HACCP 3 Cr. Hrs


For more information regarding Areas of Interest, please contact a Science Academic Advisor.


1 When selecting courses to fulfill the Introductory Faculty of Science requirement, a student should consider the subject areas in which they wish to select Advanced Level Faculty of Science courses, and select courses that will fulfill the prerequisite requirements of the Advanced Level courses. A student is encouraged to consult course descriptions and an academic advisor for guidance. Students must satisfy the W requirement, within the first 60 credit hours.

2All prerequisites listed for these courses are required before registration.  Students are responsible for checking Aurora for course requirements.  These courses will provide students the knowledge to carry forward in the selected Agronomic fields and benefit other areas of professions.





Jun 8, 2021

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